Become an Associate

Through networking, advertisements, professional relationships, by word of mouth and new media.

Each potential associate will have to have or be willing to undergo an enhanced DBS check and if appropriate hold an up to date registration/insurance for the role they are performing. Each potential associate will have face-to-face interview conversation.

At UCS we aim to work with a group of suitably experienced and qualified people, who are committed to the spirit of UBUNTU and to the aims and values of the UCS, who can display a positivity and a “Yes We can approach”, which enables UCS to:

  • Respond to the needs of diverse, marginalised and excluded groups.
  • Practice with compassion and Understanding the spirit of UBUNTU
  • Work with a team of people acknowledging each other’s abilities for the benefit of people we are serving
  • Look after our individual and group health and wellbeing
  • Share with each other ideas for health and wellbeing
  • Reflect honestly and openly about issues that need addressing to heal the whole
  • Help reduce stigma
  • Keep up to date with new ideas and developments in healing and working with communities.
  • Provide advice on a consultancy basis to statutory bodies, community groups, local training groups, colleges and universities on community work
  • Enable UCS to respond to tenders for work in connection with Holistic care based on recovery principles and the wellbeing agenda, especially with individuals and groups from a multicultural background.
  • Enable UCS to respond to requests from Government departments, locally regionally and nationally
  • Work with UCS on research with universities or other bodies,
  • Work with UCS organising conferences and workshops to share good practice and disseminate information, using new media
  • Work on publications. Including writing, editing and production.


How to become a Partnership company /organisation?

  • The UCS aims to be commissioned or work with companies and organisations which understand and/or are committed to the spirit of UBUNTU and to the aims and values of UCS,
  • They can work together with UCS to provide positive outcomes for groups of people who are diverse, marginalised, vulnerable and excluded.
  • Reducing inequality, reducing stigma,
  • Promoting equality and recovery.
  • Promoting Health and wellbeing (Wellness) in mind, body and spirit
  • Reduce costs to the public and private purse in the short and long-term

For further information please contact: