Our Values   are rooted in the concept of UBUNTU summed up by the values of the Holistic Map Project:

Inclusion and Respect

We welcome diversity of belief, faith, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, intellect, ability and age – and value the unique contribution of every individual.


We recognise the sacred interdependence of all life and behave so as to protect the health and  sustainability of our natural environment now and for future generations.


We recognize spirituality to be a normal and healthy part of daily life, as people experience the wonder of nature and all creation; and we celebrate the many paths that explore this wonder and its meaning.


At home, at work and in our communities, we are committed to respectful, loving and positive relationships.

Life Style

We maintain a life style and gain our incomes in ways that benefit and do no harm.

Global and Local Citizenship

We actively engage to build community, alleviate injustice and relieve suffering; and deplore any situation that limits the rights, development and fulfilment of any being.


We are actively committed to managing our own health and development; and we value life as an ongoing process of learning.

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